Saturday, February 26, 2011

I HATEEEEE YOUUUU ! got tht ???

easy come easy go
thts just how u live !!!
ambil ambil ambil smua
tpy kau xpnh beri !!
ak ptot thu kau adlh msalh dri hri prtma .
bg smua y ak ad
tpy kau buangnya dlm tong samph . kau buangny dlm tong smpahh !!
bg ak smua cnta hg tuh ja y ak mnx ,
sbb kau xfhm ak snggop tngkP BOM TGN(GRENADE) UTK UNX !!!
baling tgn ak dlm pmotong utk unx
trjun dpn kretaapi utk unx
ak akn buat pa ja utk unx
ak akn llui smua keskitn tarik peluru terus dri otk ak
ya , ak snggup mati utk unx tpy , KAU TAK AKAN LAKUKAN YANG SAMA:'(
if my body was on fire you'd watch me burn down in flames u said u loved me u're liar coz u never ever ever did baby
moral of the song is :
1)dont trust anybody but trust urself
2)dont give all ur love to somebody thts not gonna give it back to u
3)love ALLAH is the best :)
i HATE U nazatul nazreen bin nawi !
u break my heart . i was fooled by ur pure look ! i hate u . hope not to see u at school tomorrow ! if we were gonna past each other i'll make sure tht i'll change my way !!! bare this in ur mind "i hate u and i will always will!"
got tht ??
better make sure tht u got each of tht !! i think i've make myself clear rte ? so , pls get lost !!!!!! once i've started to hate u and tht will be the last tme i'll call ur name through my lips . coz after tht thre will be lots of *&^%^%$#$# words as the replcement for ur name . im sorry but i hve to . as u are the most disgusting thng ever ! u know wht ? im sory for myself as i'vestarted to put a TRUST on u .
nk kta ak blagk ? mmpoih st . ak ckp englsh bkn sbb nk blagk lar babeng . it is me . im being as who i am . oke my dear ? im not like u . the best damn dramaking ever ! rte ?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


SEMALAMAN tnpa suaranya menusuk ke gegendang telingaku .
SEMALAMAN ak rndukn suarany .
SEMALAMAN ak menunggu .
SEMALAMAN ak berendamkan air mata .
SEMALAMAN ak memikirkan apa salahku .
SEMALAMAN tidurku x lena .
andai hri esk dunia gelora xkn ku gemuruh selagi ku ad kamu .
ku ad kamu ? adakh ak ad kamu ?
adk rndu abg . im sory !! adk xrsa adk salah . tpy klu dri pndngan abg cemtu adk mnx maaf ky ? adk xdk niat lngsung nk abaikan abg . biaq adk ad sepuluh boyf sklipun abg ttap abg adk . abg adlh abg . boyf adlh boyf . syg adk kt abg len . syg adk kt boyf adk pon len , dua2 adk syg . adk cple ngn dy pon ats nsiht abg . abg ckp dy baek . adk x knl dy pon . lps abg yakinkan adk bru adk trima dy . abg plss ky ?
im sory !! adk syg abg !
owg syg dy gk aw .
anith nabila syg dua2 !!!
phm x ??

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

couples ?

me and him ? we're notreally like couple . we're more to friendship . true friendship . it was build with lots of love , careful , and luck !!
we're too appriciating each others . its us . me and him ...
dy trsgt caring . tdy dy cl ak . just sbb nk tny sal kaki ak y trpeleot ney . ak nges dga suara dy . dy thu ak nges but ak ckp ta . abg rizal ad kt sblh ., dy ska kcw . lpas abeh ckp ngn dy ak ckp ngn abe ku plk . dy cm babeng !!! ak ckp ja dy t jwb "HUHHHHH?? TA DGA LARHH !!!" ak pa ag ltk tros ar . pas tuhh dy cl ag skly ., ak maleh nk angkt . smpy skunk dh empat kli dy cl ak tpy ak ta angkt . nk tw gk t ak p skolh jdy apw .adkh dy nk pujok or nk serang ak dgn leteran pgnya y mmbingitkn tlinga !!!

Gratisan Musik

Monday, February 21, 2011


mood:taken+in love
place:at home
date:23rd feb 2011

i am soo damn happy with the lfe tht im going through !!!
it is so different . i dh ad boyf bru , nma dy nazatul nazreen b nawi .
asl dri chemor ,perak ! umo ? sme like me . clss ? ee2 !! rmmber tht day hakim ?
itis not his name . dy tkar tag ngn mmbe dy , nazreen y annoying dlw tuhh adlh nma dy . y hakim y baek tuhh adlh mmbe dy .
x fhm ? ak fhm . kyy . cm ney cta .
frst day dy msok skolh dy tkq nmetag ngn mmbe dy . pas tuhh ak plk ska kt dy sbgai nma hakim . tpy hakim tuhh adlh mmbe dy . tpy ak bkn ska kt nma tuhh . ak ska at orgnya !!!!! soo . x kesah ar kn ?
abg rizal pon dh agree ngn kmy mia relationship . best sgt KAWAN ngn dy . wlaupon sllu jmp tpy kmy t pnh jemu or gdow ag .
org ckp awl2 mmng cemtu . bg ak x jgk . kmy mmng dh promise akn tros rhsiakn relationship kmi sbb tamw kantoi dgn tamw gdow lngsung . sbb kmi saling syg-mnyayngi ..
cm mengong kn ? but , wht to do . aty dh ska . ikot ja lor . ary tuh abg rizal tegor ak sbb trllu sebok lyn boyfku smpy tlpa kt dy . ak ta lpa lar cma ak x sempat nk jmp dy cm sllu dh . law ak mngelak dri boyf ak sah dy t ingt len . i really hope tht abg rizal bole fhm ak . ak bsalah kea ? if i am . i am sooooo sorry bro .
adk ta niat cemtu pon ea ? adk ingt abg sllu . coz u r the one who kept make me feel annoyed with those name tht u will always create for me .!!!grrr , tpy ta pew . adk ska . papw pon dy . owg syg dy . tc aw at sna sowng2 . owg at sni oke2 ja . t kta jmp tme ary isnn dpn . owg dh mla rndu dy . rndu sgt2 ! bye sunshine !!!! hehe=)))

Saturday, February 5, 2011


nk thu spe ? dy adlh bdk form 4 clss EE2 tuhh . dy cl ak !!! cm ne dy bley dpt no ak ?dri mna dy dpt no ak ? ak ta pnh bg ngn dy pon ta pnh mnx kt ak kot . tkjut berokk ak . heheww:)
tpy dlm aty SUKEEEEEE !! dy mnx maaf about dy marh bla dy dpt tw ak usha dy . dy bkn ta ska tpy dy ta sngka ad org na uat cm tuhh kt dy . dy ska gla bla ak buat cm tuh . dy ta bkk aty dy kt mna2 gal lpas dy brealk dluw sbb dy kecewa gla ngn ap jdy dlu ., but ak ney laen . kononnya lahh . tuh dy kta .
dy ckp dy rnd ak . ta sbq nk jmp ak esk . sronok gk bla tw ad org rndu kt ak ney .
soo . ak ta sbq nk tgu esk . act , ak rnd abg ak gk .
oppsss ! sory2 . tlpa na cta plk . ak dh ad abg angkt kt sna . nma dy RIZAL
at ak mia smart card pon t ad dy mia keychain . bunyi bising . loceng dy bedecingdecing
!! tpy ta pa syg mia psai ak boh gk .
ky2 ., bck to the topc . dy ckp dy suka ak . ap ak nk buat ? ak nk tgelak kot tdy tme dy kta cm tuh . d ney beza gla dri boy laen . dy diam tpy dy cepat . dy ta pnh ckp ngn ak tpy dy cpt bgrak smpy dh dpt ni ak sblom ak bg or sblom dy mnx kt ak .
ak tny dy dpt kot mna no ak . dy ckp dpt dlm yellowpages . ak glak tros ar . dy pon tglak bla dgq ak glk . hahah:p
kmy sma2 gelak . pas tuh ak tny la kpt mna dy dpt no ak . ruparupany , abg rizal czn dy . dy tny biut ak sbb dy tw ak adek abg rizal . act . dy dh jnji ngn abg rizal tamw gtw ak cm na dy bole dpt no ak , tpy dy ta pndai nk tpu . ak pon nk tgk gk bpa lma abg rizal nk smpn cta ney dri ak .law lma sgt ak plk nk buat tny kt dy . but i dont thnk abg rizal nl tpuu ak . soo , we'll see tomorrow how it goes .
law dy my cta ak ta marh sgt . law ak y nk kna tny ak akn marh ar .
papw pon . ak mla rsa dygi sbgi seorg adek dri abg rizal . dy pon tadk adk ,.ak plk tadk abg . oke ar tuhh . ak syg dy cm abg ak dy plk syg ak cm adk dy
adek syg abg .
abg syg adek .
kn3 ?
hakim !
wht to do with u ? i pon dh lma suka kt u . kta kawan ky ?


dgr snie ...
ingin mmbrithu bhwa ak sgt trsa ngn ap y tlh trjdy . jdy ap ? unx sndri tw kn ?
ak tamw org len tw hal rumah tngga kta . biaq kta ja tw .
slps kta luahkn prasaan msing2 tdy ak nk mnx maaf gla2 mia bnyk sbb ak nk lps ney mua dh sttle ngn kta ta pyh dh smpn ap2 dh dlm hty . cuma tggl rsa syg dan rndu kpda seorg shbt . tuhh ja . klu bole lahh . ak hrp juaa lpas neyy unx jgn uat cta plek2 y akn buat ak pk len2 . conthnya sprti y tlh unx buat , unx tw kn ap ?
ak tamw gorehh aty unx pon jgn la uat cm tuhh kt ak . unx bestie ak slmany ,
my ipin . love u dehh !!!!
jgn lpa mmbe . tuhh psnn ak utk shbtku ,

Thursday, February 3, 2011

my FIRST ATM CARD+tragedy

sounds nice to hve but i dunno how was it .
as this is my frst tme . soo , ill gve a try on it this evening . weeeee~~!
duet2 ! MASYUKKKK !
kaykay , stop bout MONEY . now ! wht im trying to say will be really embarrasing for me . hehe:p
i juz fall down in front of such a lovely guy just right in front of his bike .
bullshitttt ! damn embarrasing !!!
tht tme i was walkng bck home from the shop ,as my mom asked me to buy some stuff . act , on tht tme i was just fnish tlking through my phne with my frnd and suddenly , and i dunno why i just fell down . and tht guy was tryng to avoid from me . soo , he did like wanna fell too but he manage to stop with his leg . as for me . i was already like a mad girl SHOUTING ! it was like ive been kidnapped by tht guy .
it was soooooooooooo damn MEMALUKAN . !!!!!!
did scratch my arm . its not tht bad . i was about to cry when i look at it . and tht guy was like "ur u ok ? may i halp u ? whre is ur house? want me to help u thre ?"
and i was like "no . its oke . its my fault . sorry . bye ." while im trying to stand . but it doesn't work . coz suddenly my leg fell like cannot stand . i sit for awhile , he waited for me . ppl passing by was like looking at us like we had just meet in a big accident ., haha :D
sounds funny .. it is . until now , i kept laughing after i thnk about it . hahaha:))
i told my mom about it . and she was like "ur u oke ? want go clinic ? whre is it ? whre is wounds ? is it bad ? sit down first . come2 . sit here . let me take a lookk . whos tht person ? i wanna meet him . let me tell ur dad about this "
and i was like . "nothing la . siket ja . ta pyh clinic2 mua . jgn gtw ayh ky ? plsss.... "
she was like keep nagging at me and saying tht im not careful when im walking by the road .
im just laying down on my bed and sleep back until i postd this entri . hehehehehe:)
he is so nice . he help me back home . but until the stairs only lahh .
btw , sempat lg dy jual mnyk . !! ghghghgh:)
dy bg ak 6be dy pluss mnx 6be ak juaaa .
ak ta bg tpy ak amek 6be dy ja .
pndai2 la ak nk buat pa ngn 6be dy tuhh .

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


i lay my love on u .
its all i wanna do .
every tme i breathe i feel brand new
u open up my heart .
show me all ur love and walk right through
as i lay my love on u .
u are my fire the one desire
believe when i say , i want it tht way .
but we are two world apart , cant reach to ur heart
tell me why ain't nothng but a heartache . tell me why ain't but a mistke .
tell me why i never wanna hear u say tht i want it tht way
now i can see tht we've fallen apart from the way tht it used to be
u are my FIRE the one DESIRE !!!
looking back on the thngs ive done . i was trying to be someone . i played my part keep u in the dark . now let me show u the shape of my heart .
so many words for the broken heart .
its hard to see in the crimson love its hard to breathe walk with me and mybe
night of light so soon become wild and free i could feel the sun your every wish will be done they tell me . tell me wyh i cant be thre whre u are ?thres somethng missing in my heart ,
live goes on like never end . ice of stone of the server train they never say forever the age of believe
thres no whre to run i had no place to go . surrender my heart , body and soul .....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

u says "u're the one tht owns my heart !"
i says "ya rte ! lying ... "
u says "i love u a lot !"
i says "i love u more ."
u says "u're such a BEAUTIFUL LIAR !"
i asked "why did u say tht ,my dear ?"
u answered "look at u . does not even look at me when u say those words . how sad !"
i says "im sorry . but deep in my heart , i do love u ! it just tht i hve a problem ."
u says "if u do hve a problem , u should be sharing it with me ! im ur BF . MY DUTY IS TO HELP U IN ANY SITUATION !"
i says "my problem is U !!!! do u got tht ?!!"
u says (while looking so down) "whts the matter with u ? wht hve i done ?"
i says "u'r tooooooo looking forward toward whts not really gonna happen !!!! do u got tht ?"
u says "really ? im so sorry . i've got to go . bye !"
i says "im sorry ! but tht was my problem . but u says tht i can share it with u . and i hve knew about this , tht u will disappointed when u hear it . im really sorry . really really sorry ,my dear .......
u says "no ,its ok . its my fault too . im too hoping about us . u did nothing wrong . at least i know tht u'r not ready for something BIG like whts gonna happen ,sayang "
i says "thx my dear . u really understand me . but again . im so sorry . it just tht . i wanna finish my word with juast a sentence . and it dooen't mean i wanna BREAK OFF . it is soo not true . i love u . but im not ready for tht MARRIAGE . I do really hope u would understand me .
u says "its ok . i understand tht . BREAK OFF ? wth !! no !! i wont accept tht even if u asked for it . i do really love u sayang . its only u tht owns my heart . no others !! and i know u knew about tht . rte ?
I says "yes . i know tht ! thx my dear . really appriciate tht . u wanna to know wht ? u will be the last tht owns my heart . and u are my only one and i love the most .
u says "thx sayang . u are my everything . i cant live without u .
*they we're hugging and walked back home together !.